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What are Dentures and Partials?

If you’ve lost several teeth, you’ll need to have them replaced to be able to chew correctly again. Dentists recommend using a partial for cases where a few missing teeth need to be replaced. Partial dentures are a removable appliance with a few teeth to fill the spaces of what is missing. A partial will have replacement teeth attached to a plastic base designed and colored to look like your natural gums, and will connect to your existing teeth. Dentures are uniquely designed to completely replace your upper or lower teeth, or both if necessary. Dentures are often recommended when one has lost, or has had to remove, all of their teeth on one or more arch. Dentures stay in place using suction or specially made oral adhesive. Additionally, custom dentures can be made to attach to dental implants, creating a more sturdy bond.

Why do you need Dentures and Partials?

There are several reasons you may need to consider having a denture or partial to replace missing teeth.. If you’ve had an accident, or suffered from other types of tooth decay and tooth loss, you’ll likely need to have dentures or partials to be able to eat correctly. Dentures and partials also keep your remaining teeth in the proper position. If you wear a partial, you’ll be able to speak clearly, as it is designed to fit with your natural teeth and bite.

Dentures and partials also keep your teeth in the proper position. If you wear a partial, you’ll be able to speak clearly, as it is designed to fit with your natural teeth and bite.

What happens during the procedure for getting Dentures and Partials?

Your mouth needs to be prepared properly before getting your dentures. During this preparation, the dentists may need to extract teeth. You may also be given temporary dentures to use while you heal. Once your mouth has healed enough, your dentist will make a model from an impression of the mouth. The impression model is sent off to the lab, and your dentures are made. Once the dentures come back from the lab, you’ll come in for an appointment to fit your new dentures, and any necessary adjustments are made to ensure you have a comfortable fit.

What tips are there for getting new Dentures or Partials?

If you wear your new teeth often and work with the dentist tp make necessary adjustments, you’ll soon get used to using your new dentures. Be sure to clean your dentures and partials as recommended by the dentist, as this prevents bacterial buildup and odors. It is a good to stock up on healthy, soft foods, as these will be easier to eat while you get used to your new dentures.

Our dentists and office staff are here to help you get the partials and dentures you need to replace your lost teeth. Avenue Smile’s staff is always welcoming, and our prices are affordable. Please contact Avenue Smiles today for more information on partials and dentures.


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