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What are sealants?

Sealants are a thin substance placed on your child’s permanent teeth to help protect from cavities. Young children and adults also have sealants applied to their teeth in some cases. The sealant’s protective coating keeps a person’s teeth from tooth decay and cavities. Sealants are most frequently applied to the biting surface of a person’s molars. The benefits of dental sealants last for about ten years.

Who can benefit from sealant application?

Children benefit from sealants because they prevent cavities. If your child already has a cavity, the area of damage gets repaired, and then a sealant is reapplied to the tooth and the rest of the child’s teeth. If your young child is likely to get cavities on their teeth, sealants can be applied to a child’s baby teeth. Children who don’t have a dental sealant applied to their teeth have a three times larger chance of getting cavities and tooth decay problems.

The benefits of dental sealants last for about ten years.

How are sealants applied?

When Avenue Smiles dentists apply dental sealants to your child’s teeth, they do so in several stages. First, the child’s teeth are thoroughly cleaned. Next, the teeth are sealed are dried, and then an acid solution applied to the surface of their teeth. Excess acid gets removed, and then the dental sealer is painted on the child’s teeth. Finally, the sealant receives a treatment of light that ensures that it stays in place on the teeth.

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